Dora Perri DeMichael
So i have to share my reading with my psychic Artie Hoffman last week. Three very particular people came through in my reading.....One named Mary, who told Artie to whisper in my ear "I love you a bushel & a peck" ....damn near fell off the chair on that one. Gregory David, ....Next was Nicholas (My grandfather) who ran numbers in JC and played poker in the Brass Rail back in the day....Artie was confused about the $5.00 bills. I had to explain that my grandfather use to take the tobacco out of his Pall Mall cigarettes and roll up and hide the $5's and $10's from my grandmother who ransacked his pants once he got home.....he damn near fell off the chair on that one. Last but not least was Rose.....my mom's dear friend Rose Fiorentino, who was telling Artie that I was like one of her own.....best baker and seamstress on the planet and sorely missed. AnnMarie Fiorentino Bucci,Rosemary DiGennaro, she is well and smiling as brightly as ever.
Another spectacular reading from The Jew with a clue....Artie Hoffman ! Love ya !

I really hope this email finds it’s way to you because I wanted to tell you how truly amazing you are. I came to see you about a year ago on a recommendation from my cousin. I must admit that I was a bit skeptical but I came anyway to try it out ( I was a first timer) during my session we discussed my devastating miscarriage which you told me that I would bounce back from and have a child. I am extremely happy to tell you that as always you were right I had a healthy and absolutely amazing baby boy!!! But what is even more amazing is that the same cousin that recommended that I go to you also was a clients few years earlier. At that reading you told her that there would be a Valentine’s day baby in the family and of course at that time it meant nothing to her at the time but this year I delivered my baby boy at 11:22 pm on Valentine’s day. Talk about amazing and then it all made sense to my cousin. I wanted to thank you for giving me hope and faith during a difficult time that everything would be ok. I do want to come back to see you one day but I just couldn’t let this wait!!!
Thanks again,

To experience a reading with Artie Hoffman, Psychic/Medium is an experience you don’t forget. His outgoing personality, friendliness, compassion and putting you at ease when he talks to you brings you peace of mind during the reading. His readings are accurate and many times you wonder how he knew but as we all know it’s because he works closely with the angels and guides.

You might not like to hear sometimes as to what is going on but he doesn’t hold back in what he is to give you, but he also makes you think of the situation as well. We have our own “free will” in the decisions we make but listen to what he has to say and know that he wouldn’t give you the information unless he was guided to. When he is on Kozmic Kids as a returning guest, there is always laughter, fun, and love plus he shares his knowledge and understanding of different situations with life. I highly recommend him for a reading.
--Jade Chandra (Producer Kozmic Kids)

I am here to tell you many of us would feel incomplete without Artie Hoffman Psychic/medium. He has the ability to inspire and ignite the spark in all of us so that we can understand what our soul’s purpose is and he brings happiness and clarity to all who seek out his help

His accuracy is dead on leaving you breathless! His passion for people is beyond reproach! Artie has been a returning guest on Blogtalkradio.com KozmicKids Our callers have received wonderful readings that certainly are life changing for them. We thank him for his endless service and passion to the community and great luck in all his future endeavors!
--Shelly Bradley (Owner/Host @ Kozmickids.com)

I wish we had more people like you teaching others how to listen to their heart song. You have a true talent.
--Jackie Chin (Nationally known Psychic)

Thank you so much Artie, I received your tape in the mail today….your reading was life-changing! I appreciate you so much. You are a wonderful guide and spirit, and I cannot wait to have another reading with you. Much love to you, and infinite blessings for all that you do!
--Thanks so much….Cassandra :)

Artie, You gave me a lot of inspiration! I really feel like a new person….actually, I feel like my old self… which is a great thing! Julia and others have said the same thing. I owe you! I can’t wait to see you soon! Julia and my relationship has returned to its original state, too. . Thank you!!!


Don’t Take my word for it. Take the word of those who I have helped.

You can listen to a live testimonial on my Events page, Cat Country 107.3.

A couple years ago, I was a listener for the radio station who won the chance to speak with you. You told me that I would be happily married soon and that a baby was on it’s way.

You were right for both.

Thank you so much for making a believer out of me.